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Thermal Sprayed Plastic Blow Molding Component

Mar 9, 2015

Thermal Sprayed Plastic Blow Molding Component being set-up for Post Processing

Finished surface quality is paramount for Blow Molding and Plastic Injection high production part outputs. Wear causing dimensional changes in product can be greatly reduced by applying a wear resistant carbide, stainless steel or ceramic Thermal Spray surface. Once coating is applied then a finishing operation may be required to match process parameters considering material flow, temperatures, feed rates and polymer composition. Carbide thermal spray surfacing is an established additive surfacing technique used in many plastic material processing applications from cold side to hot end finished product. New parts processed with a wear resistant thermal spray coating give components remarkably greater service life. During routine maintenance, worn parts can most likely be resurfaced back to OEM specifications greatly reducing replacement costs. ASB Industries works with OEM and rebuilders to obtain quality components to equipment design specifications.

Thermal Sprayed Blow Molding Component