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Fagor Automation to Featured ASB Industries 60" diameter Grinder Modernization

Apr 22, 2015

Fagor Automation, headquartered in Spain with International sales and support offices, will pen a product highlight feature on the installation of their Fagor 8065 Controller on ASB Industries 60” Diameter Roll Grinder-a project completed in mid-2014 and grinding flawlessly in full production modes. Fagor Automation provides controls, software support and sensors to achieve precise and tailored control systems proven as Pyramid Rebuild and Machine achieved this complete rebuild project. Pyramid Rebuild and Machine, located in Ohio, completed all facets of ASB’s 60” Grinder Rebuild achieving the highest quality service on this large turn-key project. Fagor Automation contacted Pyramid noting the success of this project and wishes to highlight the integration of their Fagor 8065 Controller in many magazines including Manufacturing News, Manufacturing Engineering and Modern Machine Shop.

The new Fagor 8065T CNC control system, specially designed for two-axis grinding operations, utilizes autotuning software that allows for fine-tuned grinding processes. Software and controls create accurate finishes and fully integrated to achieve two linear axes on both spindles for complex roll crown profiles. Roll profiles can be programmed via G-Code programming, CAD/CAM software, or Fagor's onboard profile editor.

Many industries require precision grinding with complex crowns to achieve high product quality with consistent production. ASB Industries focus is to provide surfacing technologies where projects become integrated at one location to provide surfaces that provide long wearing life working in a continuous production environment including high temperatures, oxidizing atmospheres, severe abrasion, high tensions, steam—to name a few. Once components are coated then unique surfaces such as Tungsten Carbide may require diamond grinding and if needed, chatter free polishing to low surface finishes.

Mesta Grinder with Fagor Controller

Fagor Controler