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High Temperature Furnace Rolls Surfacing for the Steel Industry

Apr 23, 2015

Thermal Spray Processing for Strip Steel Producers Processing Automotive High Strength and Lower Weight Body Panels with Remarkable Surface Quality.

Furnace rolls are processed at ASB Industries with selected grinding and thermal spray procedures. Rolls are inspection dimensionally to determine work flow on body and bearing/seal journal areas. Complex crowns are often required per OEM specifications to guide strip with continuous movement within different Furnace zones. Marketing demands have positioned the Steel Industry to process high quality carbon steel strip requiring high strength lighter weight steels to improve mandated fuel economy with further improvement of surface quality for automotive exposed body panels.

Due to steel chemistry changes, cleaning to heat treating then coatings such as hot dip galvanizing with shape control and further coated layers-require unique thermal spray surfaces to prevent marking from pick-up and scratches to increase roll wear longevity. Pictured are rolls machined with complex crown processed per engineered specifications for CMI and Drever designed Furnaces with reengineering using ASB Industries high performance/high temperature coating systems. Various coating systems are available at ASB Industries. These option are considered for various reasons including OEM specification, operating conditions and present Steel Mill ownership interests.

Our experience to adapt to your requirements is easily accomplished by our available materials and processing specifications. Our two main technology driven coating systems are from ASB Industries KarGen Coating Systems and our partner, Nippon Steel & Sumkin Hardfacing. ASB will inquire about your current operating improvements required and adapt coating for both high temperature zone and furnace atmospheres along with high strength steels to nickel based alloys both for Vertical and Horizontal designed Furnaces. Rolls shown is a large scale project as a Plant upgrade. Customer has selected ASB Industries to provide services with our fully capable 60” Mesta Grinder and our extensive thermal spray capabilities.

High Temperature Furnace Rolls