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New Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Jun 29, 2015

Clean, High Output and Energy Efficient Multi-Speed Motor for ASB Plant Operations

Deering Compressor, our air compressor contractor completed installation on June 29th of our new electric Gardner Denver multispeed air compressor in conjunction with major electrical upgrades. The newer technology of the Gardner Denver VST 110 two stage, variable speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor is being procured while electrical upgrades are being completed. This has replaced ASB’s natural gas compressor that has seen its years and time for replacement.

ASB requires stable and consistent compressed air throughout the plant—critical clean and dry air for blasting is fundamental to prepare surfaces for Thermal Spray and Cold Spray Processes. Along with this upgrade will be improvements from street electric power to update older equipment. This new VST 110 will has the AirSmart controller with variable frequency drives for pressure and volume optimization. Other benefits include efficient engine cooling system with engineered advancements to minimize pressure drops and air volume changes during peak production.

About the new air compressors as written from Gardner Denver information: Screw technology uses displacement as the fundamental principle where the screw compression element components comprise of male and female rotors that move towards each other while volume between rotors and the housing decreases. The pressure ratio of the screw is dependent on the length and dimensions of the screw and the design of the air discharge port. The screw element valveless so there are no mechanical forces to create imbalance. The mode of air compression will work at high shaft speed providing a large flow rate with a small foot print.

Rotary Feed Variable Speed GarnerDenver Air Compresser