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Two New Electric Arc Systems Added to ASB Industries for Mechanical Rebuilding

Oct 4, 2015

ASB continues to update equipment to afford thermal spray technicians to operate with improved functionality by recently purchasing two new Electric Arc Consoles and Rectifiers and Spray Guns. Common materials sprayed through the Twin Wire Electric Arc System include harder carbon steel grades to a wide variety of corrosion and high temperature resistant stainless steels, aluminum and bronze. Materials that can be drawn into wire are possible candidates for spraying creating unique alloys along with powder encapsulated within hollow wire. Wire is fed through drive rollers to meet at the tip which then arc to a molten state forming “droplets” then propelled with nitrogen on to the work surface. Being unique in our Industry, ASB Industries uses elevated pressured Nitrogen as a propellant, reducing oxide formation within the coating and greatly aids to keep work room cleanliness. The Electric Arc Process allows ASB to appropriately identify process equipment for application solutions using an array of material options for our thermal spray systems. The Electric Arc system is flexible and easily hand held and machine mounted adapting to unique part shapes. Relatively thick coatings with strong substrate bond and inter-particle bond make the Electric Arc System ideal for a variety of common repairs. Applications Include Seal and Bearing Repair on Journals, Hydraulic Pistons and Cylinders, Boiler Tubes, Air Movement components and much more.

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