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Just Delivered: 15,500 lb Capacity Tier 4 Compliant Forklift

Jan 6, 2016

ASB Industries just received delivery of a new heavy duty forklift for moving work piece components around our facility. This addition adds functionality and ease of operation as we continue to update our process and support equipment. Our production flows have multiple process areas which keep machining and thermal spray, welding and cold spray areas separate. The nature of our hard surfacing processes including critical machining and grinding, requiring customer components to be handled with the utmost care. The 70” wide shaft side-shifting fork positioners will allow the operator to stay in the cab.

All ASB shop personnel are forklift safety trained yearly. We have also taken the lead to retrofit most of our motorized vehicle through the plant with front and back blue LED lighting notably improving vehicle awareness.

The following pictures are the forklift sitting in one of our bays and the following description is directly from Mitsubishi describing the positive attributes of this new ASB forklift.

• Built to combine exceptional lifting performance, the TREXiA 7.0 ton diesel engine is counterbalance for a versatile forklift in demanding applications

• The turbo-charged Stage IIIB compliant, four cylinder engine delivers exceptionally high power

• Highly intuitive to drive, TREXiA provides the precise, quiet and effortless performance that enables operators to maximize easy operation

• Low counterweight design allows optimum visibility during back-up operations

• Rugged and heavy-duty frame – reinforced to minimize stress points during heavy lifting operations

• Fully enclosed wheel arches protect vital components from dust – minimizing risk of premature failure

• Low-noise design features rubber-mounted components, fully insulated steel engine hood, helical gears and enclosed wheel arches for maximum operator comfort

 Fork Positioner Hydraulic ActivationHigh Visability Mast with Wide Shaft Integral Sideshifting Fork Positioner

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