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Four Bore Bearing Box being Sprayed with Steel Coating

Jan 22, 2016

Shown is a bearing housing undergoing the difficult task of manual thermal spaying an unusual designed housing with thru bores complicated by an open and thin walled structure. The process is Twin Wire Electric Arc that allows the thermal spray technician to apply relatively thicker coatings when welding is not an option. These successful applications using thermal spray give additional years of service when rebuilding. The complicated arrangement of eccentric bushings works successfully using this rebuilding method operating in the four bores of the housing. Once finished machined, all components will be assembled back to a tight tolerance component.

The OEM incorporates thermal spray as the only viable repair method to avoid distortion to adjacent bores and tapped holes.

Trained thermal sprayers utilize equipment to make processing go smoothly including eye protection from the arc, breathing apparatus along with nitrogen being used for processing to create a relatively smokeless and clean work environment. Masking is required on tapped holes and machines surfaces to minimize extra machining and clean-up time.

Thermal Srpay Electric Arc Process