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ASB Industries Annual Sponsorship for the ASM Akron Chapter Meeting

Mar 20, 2016

For over 20 years, ASB Industries sponsors the local Akron Chapter monthly meeting by asking one of our valued thermal spray associates to speak about their thermal spray specialty to the diverse attendees during the annual dinner meeting. This year, Mr. Bob Jones of Praxair Powder Manufacturing Division spoke on uses of their specialty powders explaining manufacturing processes, various applications including thermal spray processes along with novel additive manufacturing processing. Many attendees included ASB Industries thermal spray technicians and machinists. Ms. Deborah Curtis of ASB Industries is ASB’s volunteer who arranged meeting details. Bob Jones presentation was well received by the audience during his in-depth discussion showing his passion for his industry. The following is the ASM meeting notice:


Material Advancements for Thermal Spray and Additive Manufacturing with Special Focus on "Gas Atomization of High Temperature Metal Alloys"

Bob Jones is the Eastern Regional Sales Manager for PRAXAIR Surface Technologies. Experience includes over thirty years with Thermal Spray Coatings and related material industries. The first half of his career was as a Field Engineer and Application Specialist with the METCO Thermal Spray Company. In recent years, Bob has specialized on the commercial side of Powder Materials for the PRAXAIR SURFACE TECHNOLOGY CORP. . The end user industries served include more than just applicators of Thermal Spray Coatings Materials. PRAXAIR has grown their Specialty Powder Division to become one of the largest Manufacturers of Atomized Alloys for multiple Industries. Consequently, the discussion will touch on both Thermal Spray as well as markets where growth is occurring in other industries:

The growth areas of the business include applications for Brazing, PTA Welding, Laser Cladding and the booming new market of ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING. Among the many Industries involved, Bob works with Major Engine OEM's in the Aero and Land based Turbine markets to develop and improve materials which generally lead to advancements in many other industries.


ASM March 2016 Sponsored by ASB Industries ASB Industries Bob Jones Thermal Spray Powder Presentation