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ASB Industries Celebrates 70 Years; Kay & Karthikeyan Publish Cold Spray Reference Book

Jan 1, 2017

1 May 2016—Barberton, OH—ASB Industries, Inc., is celebrating 70 years in business. Founded in 1946, ASB is a single-source provider of comprehensive, cost-effective thermal spray and cold spray coating services. Their turnkey solutions help clients improve the operational efficiency of their machinery and reduce equipment maintenance costs.

For seven decades, ASB Industries has been dedicated to the advancement of surfacing technology. The company has developed a number of proprietary coating materials and unique coating processes that are customizable to the challenge at hand, be it improving the wear or corrosion resistance of metal parts, returning damaged or worn components to their original dimensions, or reducing friction between parts for better overall equipment performance.

ASB has a long history of innovation in its field. In the early 1980s, the company was instrumental in introducing both HVOF (High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel) and carbide thermal spray surfacing technologies to the market. In 1996, ASB became the industry’s first licensee for developing the high pressure cold spray coating process, and created much of the technology and many of the optimized metal alloys that are now used for cold spray coating.

With a broad spectrum of cold spray and thermal spray coating processes at their disposal, and an ongoing commitment to innovation and process improvement, ASB Industries is well positioned to continue their legacy through the next 70 years and beyond.

Coinciding with the company’s platinum anniversary, ASB Industries’ Vice President of Marketing and Sales Charles Kay and Metallurgist and Director of R&D Dr. Jegan Karthikeyan will soon be publishing a book on high pressure cold spray coatings, appropriately titled High Pressure Cold Spray: Principles and Applications. Conceptualized by Karthikeyan and compiled and published by ASM International, the book is a practical and useful reference guide presenting an in-depth look at the high pressure cold spray process. Comprehensive and technically advanced, it is written for a wide audience across the whole spectrum of cold spray technology users, from scientists and engineers to those who utilize cold spray coated parts, components, and equipment in their daily operations.

High Pressure Cold Spray addresses the growing need for an authoritative source of information on this relatively new and rapidly-advancing technology, which is a growing subject of interest and study at universities, research centers, and in many high tech industries across the globe. The tome offers information on the foundational elements of the cold spray process and the technology involved, as well as an in-depth look at the many applications for cold spray coatings in various industries, with illustrative case studies by those actively involved in the cold spray field.

Selected topics include “Theory, Modeling, and Fundamental Science”, “Cold Spray Equipment”, “Mechanical and Metallurgical Characterization of Coatings”, and “Applications of Cold Spray Coatings in Various Industries”.

High Pressure Cold Spray: Principles and Applications (ISBN 978-1-62708-096-5) was authored by a group of cold spray experts from around the world, including Kay and Karthikeyan, who also co-edited the book. The publishers, ASM International, is the world’s largest association of metals-centric engineers and scientists. The organization is dedicated to informing, educating, and connecting the materials community to solve problems and foster innovation all across the globe. High Pressure Cold Spray will be published in June 2016, and is available by clicking here.

To learn more about ASB’s industrial coating services, visit http://www.asbindustries.com


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