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ASB Industries Newsletter - Spring 2015

ASB Industries
ASB Industries Newsletter                                         Spring 2015                    
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Fagor Automation to Feature  
ASB Industries 60" diameter Grinder Modernization
CNC Grinder Rebuilt in 2014 with Fagor Controller for Complex Crowning
CNC Grinder with Fagor Controller for Complex Roll Crowns
Fagor Automation will feature a product highlight on the installation of their Fagor 8065 Controller on ASB Industries 60" Diameter Roll Grinder-a project completed in mid-2014 and grinding flawlessly in full production. Pyramid Rebuild and Machine utilized Fagor Automation hardware, sensors and software for this rebuild project to achieve a precision and tailored control systems. Pyramid Rebuild and Machine, located in Ohio, completed all facets of ASB's 60" Grinder rebuild. Fagor Automation contacted Pyramid noting the success of this project and wishes to highlight this integration of their Fagor 8065 Controller in many magazines including Manufacturing News, Manufacturing Engineering and Modern Machine Shop..

High Temperature Furnace Rolls Surfacing  

for the Steel Industry


Thermal Spray Processing for Strip Steel Producers   


Furnace rolls are processed at ASB Industries with selected grinding and thermal spray procedures. Rolls are inspected dimensionally to determine work flow on body and bearing/seal journal areas. Complex crowns are often required per OEM specifications to guide strip with continuous movement within different Furnace zones. Marketing demands have positioned the Steel Industry to process high quality carbon steel strip requiring high strength, lighter weight steels to improve mandated fuel economy with further improvements to surface quality for automotive exposed body panels.

Mesta Grinder -High Temperature Coatings
Pre and Post Grinding to OEM Specifications with Simple and Complex Crowns

New Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Clean, High Output and Energy Efficient Multii-Speed Motor for ASB Plant Operations

Deering Compressor, our air compressor contractor is to install a new electric Gardner Denver multi-speed air compressor in conjunction with major electrical upgrades. The newer technology of the Gardner Denver VST 110 two stage, variable speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor is being procured while electrical upgrades are being completed. This will replace ASB's natural gas compressor that has seen its years and time for replacement.

VST Air Compressor
VST Air Compresser


Brief Updates at ASB Industries
    • Blue Light Spots on Tow Motors: Observing success of our customers in various industrial settings, we have noticed a trend to place LED blue lights on tow motors in forward and aft positions pointing approximately 15' to visually alerting others in proximity of corners and aisles. The majority of our "fleet" has been upgraded with this additional safety feature. In addition to our tow motor safety training, we believe this optional addition to our facility enhances our safety programs. 
LED Blue Spot Light Feature
LED Blue Spot Light Feature
  • Crane Upgrades: ASB continues to upgrade and replace cranes in over 18 production bays including our machining, thermal spray and welding areas. Your parts moved around our facility in specific production areas require the utmost care.
  • ASB recently administered health physicals for the majority of ASB personnel required for Commercial Driver's License renewals. Many times, ASB will send our trucks out for customer pick-up and deliveries along with urgent parts required to complete many of our turn-key jobs.
  • ASB Industries is awaiting the arrival of Mr. Saghil Nagpal who will be our technical exchange student from Punjab Technical University in Jalandhar (Punjab), India. Mr. Sahil will be observing, learning and assisting in various processes with a focus on Cold Spray Technologies. ASB Industries Chief Metallurgist, Dr. J. Karthikeyan will be working directly with Mr. Nagpal who was chosen from a large selection of high quality students for this two month internship. Our relationship with Punjab Technical University has grown over the past few years with joint Research projects and active participation in their annual event International Conference on Advancements and Futuristic Trends in Mechanical and Materials Engineering.
Testing Materials Utilizing the HVOF Process
Testing Materials Utilizing the HVOF Process 
8th Annual Partner's Meeting at the International Thermal Spray Conference

International Technology Updates

  • During early May, ASB participated in the 8th Annual Partner's Meeting coinciding with the annual International Thermal Spray Conference (ITSC). The leadership team from Nippon Steel & Sumkin Hardfacing conducted joint and private meetings specifically discussing technologies for applications in a few key areas of ASB Industries business. Our joint meeting also included Cascadura with seven locations throughout Brazil with similar applications. Our relationship with Nippon Steel Hardfacing & Sumkin started in 1991 and continues today adding to our in-house coating systems for many industries.
ASB Industries
ASB Industries is committed to advanced surfacing technologies. Since 1946, we have focused on re- manufacturing and enhancing component performance through Thermal Spray and Cold Spray Surfacing, grinding, polishing and other turn-key processes. ASB services a vast array of components in a variety of industries.
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