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ASB Industries Newsletter - Summer 2014

ASB Industries
ASB Industries Newsletter                                         Summer 2014                     
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Grinder Modernizaton
Updates at ASB
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Thermal Spray, Machining & Grinding    

Grinder Modernization


ASB's Newly Rebuilt Mesta Roll Grinder Delivers Superior Performance


ASB Industries has completed a major upgrade on our Mesta roll grinder; one of the company's key pieces of equipment for over three decades. The new upgrades allow ASB to provide extremely accurate two axis grinding for complex roll crowns, incorporating a wide range of thermal spray surfacing options.

ASB's heavy-duty Mesta Cylindrical Grinder was completely remanufactured from the ground up. The machine is capable of processing workpieces up to 60" (1524 mm) in diameter and 288" (7315 mm) long. Upgrades allow it to retain its original capacity and capabilities, with the benefit of numerous usability and performance improvements.

            A new Fagor 8065T CNC control system, specially designed for two-axis grinding operations, utilizes autotuning software that allows for fine-tuned grinding processes. The updated controls create more accurate finishes and are fully integrated to achieve two linear axes on both spindles for complex roll crown profiles. Roll profiles can be programmed via G-Code programming, CAD/CAM software, or Fagor's onboard profile editor.

            Also added is a Renishaw touch probe for data collection purposes. All roll history data is documented during refurbishments and is transferable to Excel files for easy reference. Data and inspection reports are made available to ASB's customers.

Surface Enhancements using Thermal Spray, Specialty Welding, Cold Spray with a Machining Capabilities to Completion
High Temperature Furnace Roll for the Steel Industry
Over many years of providing surface enhancement services, we have found applications where our customers have benefited greatly with improved equipment performance.
Please see our home page to link to many of these applications by clicking here
Updates at ASB Industries

2014 President's Award Recipient

Charles M. Kay, Vice President, Marketing is the 2014 recipient of the Thermal Spray Society President's Award for Meritorious Service. The award was presented this May during the International Thermal Spray Conference 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.


  North American Cold Spray Conference 

    ASB will be presenting a technical paper, be exhibiting and a sponsor for this worldwide gathering of Cold Spray technologists. Both equipment and services will be featured with focus on the 2000-2 Portable Cold Spray equipment and the Impact Innovations production equipment. Conference is September 16-17, 2014 in Montreal Canada  


Handbook on Thermal Spray

Dr. Jegan Karthikeyan and Mr. Charles Kay are working with ASM International to publish a Handbook on High Pressure Cold Spray.  Over 15 specialists around the globe are working to publish this book by early 2015.


New People to ASB Industries   

ASB welcomes two new people to our company:  

Mr. Paul Christopher and Mr. David Hart.  Both come to us with experience both as machinists and welders.  

And Retiring...Congratulations to Mike Maguire after 37 years at ASB Industries. We gathered  on Thursday, June 12th to thank Mike for all his years using his talents in many areas of our company. 


 Equipment Upgrade

ASB Industries recently upgraded controls on our 18" Diameter x 144" Landis Grinder to enhance accurate grinding wheel movement allowing operator flexibility--read more... 

ASB Showroom
High Pressure Cold Spray Equipment

ASB Industries will demonstrate both the Impact Innovations and 2000-2 Portable Spray System in our specialty designed booths in Barberton, Ohio facility: click here to send us your interest.  

ASB Industries
ASB Industries is committed to advanced surfacing technologies. Since 1946, we have focused on re- manufacturing and enhancing component performance through Thermal Spray and Cold Spray Surfacing, grinding, polishing and other turnkey processes. ASB services a vast array of components in a variety of industries.