Plasma Transferred Arc Welding

Plasma Transferred Arc Welding

Plasma Transferred Arc Welding

Silicon Carbide, Tooling

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The Plasma Transferred Process (PTA) provides a metallurgical bond to the substrate by transferring the arc during the feeding of the chosen powder chemistry. Cobalt, Carbides and Stainless materials are the most common materials used to provide both wear and corrosion resistant surfaces with unsurpassed microstructures.

PTA is used where extreme wear-resistance is essential. Applications for plasma transferred arc coatings range from direct impact cutting tools in the mining industries to highly-erosive and corrosive conditions in a molten metal bath, such as rotating bearing components in hot dip galvanizing.

Advantages of Plasma Arc Welding:

  • Results in smoother deposits, reducing the amount of post-weld machining required
  • Equipment has high control over weld parameters
  • Automated set-ups
  • Weld deposits have very low levels of oxides, inclusions, and discontinuities

Understanding equipment and part working conditions as well as part geometries and base material chemistries are important to establish process specifications. The gravity powder feed system in our automated process area has both vertical and horizontal positioning and drive systems to apply an evenly layered surface.

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