High Pressure Cold Spray Equipment

High Pressure Cold Spray System

Impact Innovations' High Pressure Cold Spray System

Portable Controller Powder Feeder, Cold Spray

2000-2Cold Spray Equipment: Portable Controller and Powder Feeder

If you’re looking to add full-time cold spray coating capabilities to your facility, look no further than ASB Industries. We work with Impact Innovations to manufacture and distribute a full line of high pressure cold spray equipment.

Produced in conjunction with Impact Innovations, our ASB® 2000-2 high pressure cold spray system is capable of reaching expansion gas temperatures up to 300°C (572°F) with pressures up to 300psi (20 bar). With a handheld spray applicator gun and versatile coating capabilities, this cold spray equipment is an ideal solution for an array of industries and applications.

We provide cold spray equipment in a variety of customizable configurations to give users production-quality cold spray surfacing capabilities that meet their unique needs.

For more information, visit ASB’s dedicated cold spray equipment site. Contact us directly to learn how our portable cold spray equipment can benefit your operation.