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High Pressure Cold Spray Newsletter - Summer 2014

ASB Industries
Cold Spray Newsletter Summer 2014
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Impact Innovations
Demo & Used Equipment
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ASB Cold Spray Activities
High Pressure Cold Spray Materials
European Consortium
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Cold Spray Equipment

Impact Innovations High Pressure

Cold Spray Systems


Impact Innovations continued success for production equipment is working in a variety of industries that include research institutions around the globe; the notable advances in higher pressures and gas temperature flexibility gives further success in spraying harder materials.


Impact Innovations-click here



Demo & Used-Reduced Pricing
High Pressure Cold Spray Equipment

*CGT Kinetiks 4000 System

*CGT Kinetiks 8000 System

*Portable High Pressure 2000-2 System

Demo & Used Equipment for Immediate Delivery

Replacement components & support for

CGT Kinetiks Equipment


Please contact ASB Industries by calling 330-753-8458, or click here to send us your interest.

Contact ASB for
Spare Parts & Equipment Support

Cold Spray Gun Nozzles

Contact us for advanced nozzle designs and materials specific for a wide range of spray materials.


Nozzle Coolers

Complete Nozzle Systems for specialized powder spraying.



OEM parts for most high pressure systems along with rebuild maintenance kits.Most OEM components are available from ASB Industries.



Powder injection systems and specialized adapter systems, designed for unique applications.


Adapter Kits

For installing advanced Impact Innovations nozzles and accessories on to existing High Pressure Cold Spray Systems


Preventative Maintenance and Calibration Services

Support by phone, on-site maintenance and calibration checks along with comprehensive training.



ASB Cold Spray Activities and

Patent Update


ASB Industries "show room" in Ohio is for you to see equipment demonstrations for application development and production support.
ASB Cold Spray activities have been in the forefront of this technology since the early stages and our recent patents are incorporated in the Impact Innovations equipment.


U.S. #6,502,767 B2

January 7, 2003 for Advanced Cold Spray System
U.S. #6,722,548 B2

April 20, 2004 for Cold Spray System Nozzle

U.S. #8,192,799 B2
June 5, 2012 for Spray Nozzle Assembly for Gas Dynamic Cold Spray Method of Coating a Substrate with a High Temperature Coating
U.S. # 8,701,590 B2
April 22, 2014 for Spray Nozzle Assembly for Gas Dynamic Cold Spray and Method of Coating a Substrate with High Temperature Coating
Click here to read more about ASB Patents

High Pressure Cold Spray Materials Now Available


Material morphology for cold spraying has been optimized by MBN Nanomaterials

of Italy. Many unique materials are available for immediate delivery:



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Supersonic Project


Innovative concepts have been exploited in order to obtain advanced materials for aeronautical, biomedical and mechanical applications.

  • Nanostructred Coatings with outstanding tribological properties both at room and at high temperatures
  • CerMet via CGS: Dense metal coatings reinforced with nano-ceramics using the SUPERSONIC concept
  • Structural integrity: of substrate and coating thanks to localized reaction with limited thermal effect
  • Reliable equipment: developed to produce and deposit reactive SUPERSONIC powders in totally safe manner

Click here to read more about the Supersonic Project


"A Consortium"

Cold Spray Radical Solutions for Aeronautic Improved Repairs

The CORSAIR project is a wide investigation concerning the capabilities of Cold Spray Technology for maintenance and repair of aeronautic frames and components. The 2000-2 Portable Cold Spray is currently used to extend the capabilities of in-situ maintenance and repair applications.

CORSAIR expects to have a strong socio-economic impact by
reducing scheduled maintenance requirements
and by presenting a notable green character through

re-usability, reduction of energy consumption, waste, toxic fumes and more.


ASB Industries
ASB Industries is committed to advanced surfacing technologies. Since 1946, we have focused on re- manufacturing and enhancing component performance through Thermal Spray and Cold Spray Surfacing, grinding, polishing and other turnkey processes. ASB services a vast array of components in a variety of industries.
Featured Applications
  • Ceramic Seal Surface Rebuild and Protection
    Ceramic Thermal SpraySeal surfaces on rotating components may require a wear resistant surface against a seal material made of rubber, composite or metal ring to function in a multitude of applications. Corrosive, hard particles or friction along with--

    ASB Internal Study on Carbide Spray Materials

    Powder Study

    Materials  ASB purchases from suppliers is a key to providing a quality coating. Besides coating quality, there are other factors including surface finish results, material transformation through the thermal spray process and efficiency of material being depoisited.  The following is a study---

  • Saddle for Roll Contour Profile Measuring
    (Jan 23, 2023)
    Saddle Roller ProfilerWith your unique requirements our company continues to look at our current services to offer many options -surface modifications for both wear resistant thermal spray coatings and conveying rolls utilizing rubber and polyurethane roller coverings. Our company roots are providing wear resistant and rebuilding techniques using thermal spray technologies--

    Chirag Raval Joins Hannecard as Key Thermal Spray Specialist
    (Aug 27, 2022)
    Chirag  Raval Sr. Materials EngineerMr. Chirag Raval joins Hannecard Roller Coatings, USA as a key person who will lead Thermal Spray activities with process development and key quality for the entire Hannecard worldwide locations. HRC, a key acquisition by Hannecard brings a long history as a world leader in thermal spray and cold spray technology---