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4th Quarter Newsletter

Facility and Equipment Update

Facility and Equipment Update

ASB Industries recently acquired equipment for our Thermal Spray facility along with added machining capabilities for pre and post processing.

Farr Air Filtration System - ASB Industries completed the installation of a Farr Gold Series Filtration System with HemiPleat duel filters. These efficient filtration systems are specifically designed to work in the Thermal Spray environment. (pictured)

Radial Drill - An opportunity to purchase a used, good condition Radial Drill compliments current capabilities and placed in one of our larger bays to allow flexibility for our Machinists. Table size is 48” x 68”.

New CNC Vertical Turning Lathe - The Fanuc Virtual Device Interface software and rigid construction from Chevalier-Falcon Machine Tool Co. will allow ASB Industries to provide high production fabrication    and finishing of Thermal Sprayed components. Maximum Swing Diameter is 21.65” and maximum Cutting Diameter is 15.74”. Equipment is expected to arrive to ASB Industries in early 2010 - Click here to see the VTL in action

Technology Update

Technology Update

Super Finishing - Texture may be a critical factor in the performance of Thermal Spray Surfacing.

Part quality will directly influence procedures to adapt to customer finished product requirements. On Cylindrical components, ASB combines grinding media and equipment to achieve a variety of results. Thermal Spray hardness and material composition require flexibility to achieve specific surfaces. From hard wheel and belt media composition to advanced vibratory diamond polishing along with blasting media allow ASB to determine procedures to achieve required results. Shown is diamond vibratory polishing equipment to achieve almost near flatness and the lowest possible Ra.

Focus on High Pressure Cold Spray

Focus on High Pressure Cold Spray

CGT 8000 and 2000 System Updates

ASB Industries reports and an increase is equipment sales with focus in the Defense industry to repair and enhance both worn and newly engineered components. High Pressure Cold Spray is noted as the high quality and preferred method of rebuilding components otherwise scrapped.

The range of CGT High Pressure Cold Spray equipment relates to high pressure capabilities, nozzle design and software that optimizes coating characteristics - for more click here

News and Events

News and Events

International Thermal Spray Conference - Dr. Karthikeyan will be presenting a technical paper in the Cold Spray Symposium during this International event. Both Karthi and Charles Kay will also be participating on the Thermal Spray Society Board and Programming Committee activities. This International event is in Singapore, May 3-5, 2010

AIST - ASB Industries will be in Pittsburgh exhibiting during the annual Conference related to Iron and Steel Technology. Brian Stalker from Corus Process Engineers will be joining Nick Marchiano and Dennis Green on the exhibit floor. Brian will be presenting a paper on Corus Castcoat Continuous Casting Mold Plates and Foote Rolls. This Conference is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on May 3-5, 2010. ASB will be located at Booth 1654

Cold Spray 2010 - The ASM Thermal Spray Society will host a two-day meeting on Cold Spray Technology on September 27-28 in Akron, Ohio, USA.  ASB Industries will be hosting the facility tour and luncheon with equipment demonstrations from various manufacturers.

Certified Thermal Spray Operator Program

ASM International is developing a Certification program for the Thermal Spray Community to improve the quality of skills in the industry and enhance the value of training to Thermal Spray Operators, their employers, and prime suppliers to the industry. John Lindeman participated in a two day meeting in mid-November focusing on developing questions that will become the standard of the certification process.

ASB Industries is committed to advanced surfacing technology. Since 1946, we have focused on remanufacturing and enhancing component performance through Thermal Spray Surfacing, Grinding, Polishing and other turnkey processes. ASB services a vast array of parts in a variety of industries, ranging from steel, power and paper to aerospace.

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ASB Industries Wishes the Best to You during the Holiday Season and New Year