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First Issue July 27, 2007

2007 International Cold Spray Conference Coming To Akron

The ASM Thermal Spray Society is organizing “Cold Spray 2007,” a global industry conference to be held in Akron, Ohio, on October 8-9. The two-day event will feature a variety of exhibitions by companies such as material and equipment suppliers, as well as an international gathering of experts with emphasis on recent advancements of Cold Spray equipment, materials and applications. ASB Industries will host the demonstration of new equipment, along with the production infrastructure to advance Cold Spray into a mainstream process. Additional information is available at www.asminternational.org.

ASB Industries Continues Website Improvements

Since its initial launch, the ASB Industries website at www.asbindustries.com has been continually evolving to accurately convey our ongoing facility and capability improvements. New online features committed to customer service include an ASB Cold Spray Research Development, Production and Equipment Sales page. This page offers expert support in these high-demand areas.

New CNC Vertical Boring Mills In Route from Europe

ASB Industries is proud to announce that state-of-the-art 110” Dual-Head CNC Vertical Boring Mills are currently being shipped overseas for a July/August installation.

Increased Production of Copper Plates

As a Corus Process Engineers' North American certified thermal spray process facility, ASB Industries is ramping up production on copper plates used in continuous casters. Corus Castcoat, a hard wear-resistant ceramic coating, gives extended copper plate life resulting in annual copper savings.

ASB Industries is committed to advanced surfacing technology. Since 1946, we have focused on remanufacturing and enhancing component performance through thermal spray, surfacing, grinding, polishing and other essential processes. ASB services a vast array of parts in a variety of industries, ranging from steel, power, and pulp and paper to aerospace.

Featured Applications
  • Ceramic Seal Surface Rebuild and Protection
    Ceramic Thermal Spray Seal surfaces on rotating components may require a wear resistant surface against a seal material made of rubber, composite or metal ring to function in a multitude of applications. Corrosive, hard particles or friction along with--

    ASB Internal Study on Carbide Spray Materials

    Powder Study

    Materials  ASB purchases from suppliers is a key to providing a quality coating. Besides coating quality, there are other factors including surface finish results, material transformation through the thermal spray process and efficiency of material being depoisited.  The following is a study---