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Our coating services can dramatically improve your equipment’s performance and extend its working life. We offer turnkey thermal spray and cold spray coatings, as well as secondary services like welding, machining, and grinding, to give our customers finished, ready-to-use treated parts.

With decades of experience in identifying the causes of wear, we can adapt our thermal spray and cold spray surfacing technologies to best address the needs of your application.


First-Class Industrial Coating Services

With advanced equipment, a skilled staff of thermal sprayers and machinists, and extensive machining and grinding capabilities, Hannecard - ASB can provide unique thermal spray and cold spray solutions for extreme wear, high-temperature barriers, and all-encompassing part repair.

Our in-house, turnkey industrial coating services will give your equipment extended service life by meeting or exceeding original equipment designs. Submit your project or contact us today!

Jan 2, 2019

ASB is Recognized by ASM Akron Chapter as 70 Year Member

ASM Akron Chapter Recognition CelebrationASB Industries has been honored as a 70 Year member of ASM. ASB was presented the recognition plaque during the montly meeting at the Akron, Ohio ASM Chapter meeting by Mr. Lou Cskeo--
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ASB Industries has been honored as a 70 Year member of ASM. ASB was presented the recognition plaque during the montly meeting of the Akron, Ohio local ASM Chapter by Mr. Lou Cskeo-

ASB was founded in 1946 as Akron Sandblast and Metallizing. The company was purchased by Al Kay January 31, 1981 and was re-named ASB Industries, Inc. In the early 1980’s ASB was instrumental in introducing HVOF (High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel) hard and wear resistant carbide coatings. ASB worked with the inventor Jim Browning and his Jet Kote HVOF system allowed ASB to develop high performance wear resistant coatings. These coatings are widely used in many industries.

In 1996 ASB became the first licensee for developing a process known as Cold Spray, focusing on high pressure. Through our research, development and equipment optimization we have optimized the spraying of various metals, alloys and metal matrix composites for aerospace, defense, commercial and research projects.

In addition to supporting ASM Akron Chapter, ASB and its personnel have actively served ASM on the National and Affiliate levels. ASB has served on the finance committee, programming committee, nominating committee and membership committee. Within TSS (Thermal Spray Society) ASB has served on the board level/leadership, various other committees as well as contributing to books, journals and serving as editor of ITSSE in AM&P magazine.

Pictured below are ASB emplyees that attended the presentation along with the celebration cake!

ASM Akron Chapter 70 Year Recogniton CelebraionASM Akron Chapter 70 Year Recogniton-November
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