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ASB Industries’ industrial coating services can dramatically improve your equipment’s performance and extend its working life. We offer turnkey thermal spray and cold spray coatings, as well as secondary services like welding, machining, and grinding, to give our customers finished, ready-to-use treated parts.

With decades of experience in identifying the causes of wear, we can adapt our thermal spray and cold spray surfacing technologies to best address the needs of your application.

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  • ASB is Working in all Areas of our Production
    (Mar 25, 2020)
    ASB Industries is currently in full production in all areas of our company.  Ohio, USA has very strict rules which ASB is following these guidelines.  We have been notified by many of our customers of their operations as Essential Business which ASB is part of processing equipment components. We greatly understand the impact of this challenge affecting all of us.

    Upgrade to our Cold Spray Nitrogen Gas System
    (Feb 13, 2020)

    Nitrogen High Pressure Builder for Cold Spray

    The main process gas for cold spraying is nitrogen. Critical particle velocity is required for physical build-up--


First-Class Industrial Coating Services

With advanced equipment, a skilled staff of thermal sprayers and machinists, and extensive machining and grinding capabilities, ASB can provide unique thermal spray and cold spray solutions for extreme wear, high temperature barriers, and all-encompassing part repair.

Our in-house, turnkey industrial coating services will give your equipment extended service life by meeting or exceeding original equipment designs. Submit your project or contact ASB Industries today!

Jan 22, 2020

Element Cone used in the Power Generation Industry

Elemental Cone for Power Generation Element Cone used in the Power Generation Industry being thermal sprayed--
Category: Featured Application
Posted by: charlie

Abrasive particulate flowing over the pictured Element Cone is carbide coated to reduce replacement time and costs. High volumes of abrasive ash and dust identify the wear pattern as erosion.

This particular higher temperature and corrosive environment are secondary wear potentials so tungsten carbide is the material suggested by ASB Industries.

Applied by the HVOF system, the coating provides high wear resistance due to particle hardness along with a corrosion resistant binder combination with the Tungsten Carbide.Element Cone us in Power Generation-Abrasive Weat Application