ASB-2000-2 High Pressure Portable Cold Spray System

The innovative ASB-2000-2 High Pressure Cold Spray System achieves critical particle velocities producing oxide free coatings: Equipment capable of reaching gas temperatures up to 400°C (750°F) and up to 20 bar (300PSI) pressures generating a high velocity gas stream to fine-tune critical powder velocities—forming dense and oxide free coatings.

The hand held ASB-2000-2 Portable Cold Spray system compliments high pressure Cold Spray equipment available from ASB Industries. The 2000-2 equipment achieves production quality Cold Spray surfacing for new and practical applications. ASB Industries is your resource for cold spray surfacing systems and technology development along with installation, spare parts and maintenance support. Our facility houses multiple Cold Spray systems with production designed infrastructure and high pressure nitrogen and helium gas integrated set-ups.

Based on ASB Industries' patents, licenses and hardware designs beginning around 1996, we have gained recognition for development of innovative cold spray process equipment and pioneering material property development. ASB works with commercial companies, universities, military, and research facilities to develop process controls, nozzle designs, and nozzle materials, as well as the infrastructure to run equipment properly and efficiently.

The hand-held applicator gun with intuitive and simple operation gives material and process flexibility to reach gas temperatures to 400C (750F) with expansion pressures up to 20 Bar (300psi)- powder injection directly into the expansion section of the gas stream to achieve high velocity gas flow to reach critical particle velocity.

System Capabilities Producing Optimum Flexibility

  • Gas Expansion Pressures up to 20 Bar (300psi)
  • Gas Temperatures range up to 400 C (750F)
  • Nitrogen, Helium and mixture combinations
  • Deposit Rates up to 20 grams per minute (1,200 grams per hour)
  • Deposition efficiency up to 90%
  • Pure alloys without peening agent.  Materials include Aluminum, Copper, Titanium, Tantalum, 316 SS and Metal Matrix composites- and much more
  • Versatility to operate at lower pressures to easily adapt to competitor processes
  • Ergonomic hand-held applicator gun design with controls at the gun including powder feeding
  • Applicator gun easily mounted for robotic operation
  • Utilized and approved by Aerospace and Defense industries
  • Integrated portable control panel and production powder feeder with larger powder canister utilizing a long wearing feed screw with accurate powder feed rates

In association with Impact Innovations, ASB understands the practicality using a hand held spray gun which is easily transportable with high pressure capabilities. ASB significantly refined the prototype concept into a practical portable unit. Our alliance with Impact Innovations includes cross equipment and technology collaboration for both high production equipment to the 2000-2 functional portable unit. ASB’s exclusive patents related to equipment design are incorporated for noted functionality and production performance in all equipment.

Hand Held High Pressure Cold Spray Gun Model 2000-2Back Panels for the High Pressure 2000-2 Cold Spray System