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ASB Industries' thermal spray capabilities enable us to offer conventional processes such as plasma electric arc; high velocity processes (HVOF); fuel combustion systems; electric wire arc; and our high pressure cold spray services.

Our thermal spray coatings can be utilized to protect workpieces from severe corrosion, high temperatures, chemicals, environmental and operational abrasion, and other hazards. They can provide electrical insulation or conductivity, oxidation resistance, and a number of other performance improvements.

ASB's thermal spray coatings can add "hard wear" surfaces to less resilient substrates, enhance grip or traction on smoother surfaces, and repair surface damage. They can be used to refurbish parts by bringing worn areas back to OEM-spec size.

Nearly any substrate material can be thermal spray treated. ASB Industries can apply coatings in varying thickness and surface finishes, per your specifications. Because every project is unique, we develop a specific solution for every thermal spray coating we apply.

Spray locations throughout our facility offer a wide array of handling equipment, tooling, clean environment, fixturing, cleaning, and blasting options. We also utilize inspection equipment used by our certified thermal spray operators to thoroughly test each customer's specific application.

For complete, start-to-finish thermal spray services, look no further than ASB Industries. Contact us today for more information about our thermal spray coatings.