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The High Pressure Cold Spray Newsletter - Fall 2013

ASB Industries
Cold Spray Newsletter Fall 2013
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Impact Innovations
Demo Price on Portable
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Cold Spray Equipment

Impact Innovations High Pressure

Cold Spray Systems


Impact Innovations--------

5-8 and 5-11 System installations have been completed in North America, France, Italy, Germany, Russia and China in 2013 along with two orders recently received. All installations are successful and equipment is being utilized to expectations with exceptional results. Equipment is engineered and designed with notably higher pressure and temperature capabilities based on advanced hardware and software systems for consistent stability. ASB Industries is pleased to be part of a worldwide network of designated specialists in Cold Spray technologies.

Impact Innovations High Pressure System.
Reduced Pricing
2000-2 Portable System

ASB is offering special pricing on one of our Demo Portable 2000-2 High Pressure Cold Spray-Portable Units.

This complete demo system is in prime working condition and available for notably reduced pricing and ready for immediate delivery. The equipment can be demonstrated at our facility.


Please contact ASB Industries by calling 330-753-8458, or click here to send us your interest.

High Pressure Cold Spray Activities at
ASB Industries
Please visit our support page related to operating your Cold Spray Equipment,

Spare Parts and Support


Cold Spray Gun Nozzles

Contact us for advanced nozzle designs and materials specific for a wide range of spray materials.


Nozzle Coolers

Complete Nozzle Systems for specialized powder spraying. Both gas and water cooling designs designed to work with your gun.



OEM parts for most high pressure systems along with rebuild maintenance kits.Most OEM components are available and in stock for immediate delivery from ASB Industries.



Powder injection systems and specialized adapter systems, designed for unique applications.


Adapter Kits

For installing advanced Impact Innovations nozzles and accessories on to existing High Pressure Cold Spray Systems


Preventative Maintenance and Calibration Services

Support by phone, on-site maintenance and calibration checks along with comprehensive training.


Impact Innovations High Pressure Cold Spray Equipment
Research Trends in Cold Spray
from Dr. Karthi

Can Ultra Pure Metallic Coatings be applied using Liquid Suspensions or Precursors?

The process jet will atomize and evaporate either liquid suspension or precursor droplets to produce pure metallic nano-particles. But will these particles impact and adhere to the substrate to produce coatings or just get washed away due to bow shock? In the 1990's during the Post Doc studies at New York Stony Brook University, liquid spray technique was initially tested using Plasma and Flame Spray, which showed lack of coherent and a well bonded coating. It was postulated that the in-situ formed nano-particle does not have enough time to heat and melt for producing the spray splats. However, due to design advancements, good quality coatings of several microns thick are now routinely produced by Plasma Spraying of liquids. Advances in cold spray equipment have shown positive results for many new materials using high pressure systems. In the near future, liquid feedstock will be a technique for producing cold spray coatings.

Featured Cold Spray Material
Tantalum for corrosion and high temperature strength applied by High Pressure Cold Spray



Operating "Tech Tips"
From Helmut

Obtaining Consistent Powder Flow in
High Pressure Systems
Impact Innovations High Pressure Cold Spray Equipment
  • Measure for leaks in the powder line with the integrated test feature; leaks bigger than 0.3 Nm³/h will affect the feeding as well as feed rate volume and pulsing.
  • Feedstock powders with flow ability worse than 60 seconds significantly affects the feed rate and consistency. To portion the powder with 50 CC cup will help.
  • Preheat powder approximately 24 hours prior to spraying and remove all unused powder from the feeder canister at the end of the production day.
Excerpt from ASM Handbook 5A on
Thermal Spray-Cold Spray Process


Dr. J. Karthikeyan has contributed to the 2013 2nd
Edition of the ASM International

Handbook Series-Thermal Spray Technology-ISBN-10: 1-61503-996-1.

Recently released for worldwide distribution this 2nd edition Handbook is a vast and complete collection of world authors related to thermal spray surfacing technologies.The efforts were directed and edited by our colleague, Dr. Robert Tucker.
Dr. Karthikeyan' original chapter in the first edition was revised showing advances in applications, equipment and research related to Cold Spray technology.


Please click here for an excerpt
ASB Industries
ASB Industries is committed to advanced surfacing technologies. Since 1946, we have focused on re- manufacturing and enhancing component performance through Thermal Spray and Cold Spray Surfacing, grinding, polishing and other turnkey processes. ASB services a vast array of components in a variety of industries.

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