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Second Issue August 5, 2007

Bridge Thermal Sprayed 21 Years Ago in Ohio, USA

Over 21 years ago, ASB Industries thermal sprayed one of many bridges in Ohio, USA. Along with other advanced materials during the re-decking project, thermal spray Zinc/Aluminum was applied to structural metal using strict processing procedures in hot and humid summer weather. A long retired champion from Ohio Department of Transportation  challenged usual protocol to improve overall rebuilding efforts and understood the long term vision of value. The bridge is located at the 155 mile marker on Interstate 71 which is a heavily traveled north/south road between Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. More.

CNC Vertical Boring Mill Commisioning

Two 110" CNC Vertical Boring Mills are in assembly stages at ASB Industries under the direct supervision of STANKO equipment technicians.  These highly skilled craftsmen will take approximately 5 weeks to install the equipment.

These duel head machines with Fagor CNC controls will give extreme flexibility to ASB's machining capabilities.

Thermal Spray Facility with Machining and Grinding Capabilities

ASB Industries is equiped with all available thermal spray processes. With  versatile machining capabilities, ASB works with a variety of  surface finishes to achieve customized requirements. The machine shop is capable of processing relatively large parts. More.

Cold Spray Reseach and Development

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Featured Applications
  • Ceramic Seal Surface Rebuild and Protection
    Ceramic Thermal SpraySeal surfaces on rotating components may require a wear resistant surface against a seal material made of rubber, composite or metal ring to function in a multitude of applications. Corrosive, hard particles or friction along with--

    ASB Internal Study on Carbide Spray Materials

    Powder Study

    Materials  ASB purchases from suppliers is a key to providing a quality coating. Besides coating quality, there are other factors including surface finish results, material transformation through the thermal spray process and efficiency of material being depoisited.  The following is a study---