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New Plasma Electric Arc System

Dec 1, 2017

 Plasma Electric Arc Spraying Equipment

A new Plasma Electric Arc System was recently added to increase spray capacity adding another thermal spray production room into multi process capable production area. Many of our thermal sprayers are experienced in different processes keeping all thermal spray tools and equipment in close proximity to the workpiece.

Key materials sprayed using the Plasma Electric Arc System include ceramics such as Aluminum Oxide, Chrome Oxide along with other oxide materials for high temperature and wear applications. Many times one component requires different materials including a multi-layered thermal spray system.

The new equipment as shown in the picture is similar to our other Plasma Electric Arc Systems with hardware and software upgrades. Automated powder feeders adjust to process change to create a consistent flow for powder feeding that confirm data with visual displays. Electrical upgrade for the new equipment was required during the installation due to the rectifier requirements. .

Plasma Electric Arc Thermal Spray System