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1st Quarter February 2008

Thermal Spray Process-Uniocoat HVOF

Thermal Spray Equipment Update

The newest HVOF Unicoat system at ASB Industries is one of the most sophisticated thermal spay systems available. ASB just added a second powder feeder that results in longer and even more consistent running time. The gun is manipulated by a robot for repeatability and spray distance is kept consistent on complex objects for continuous critical dwell time of the material to work piece. Kerosene fuel with regulated pressures keeps the gun operating at stable parameters and all systems communicate and adjust if necessary during any slight fluctuation in conditions. The connections to the gun lead to a safe room to a juncture box then directly to the process gun. The room has a variety of material handling capabilities and overhead crane capacity.

Applications for the Steel and Mining Industries

What is PTA? ASB Industries applies a variety of materials including Carbides and Cobalt based chemistries to provide a very wear and corrosion resistant weld layer requiring properties specific to many applications. Applications include direct impact cutting tools in the mining industries to highly erosive and corrosive conditions in a molten metal bath such as rotating bearing components in hot dip galvanizing. Plasma Transferred Arc also called PTA uses a high temperature plasma heat source to melt both the substrate and the designated wear resistant material to overlay a low solutioned layer. This is one of many techniques available at ASB Industries and requires application specific questions to provide the best option for success. Pre and post treatment along with part configuration are important questions for ASB to understand and discuss your specific application.

CNC Verticals in Production

Machining Update

Over the past year, ASB has completed the installation of two 110” diameter Vertical Boring Mills. These SP Sedin Schies German engineered machine tools built in Russia and installed by Stanko have been excellent performers for pre and post machining of ASB’s thermal spray projects. These heavy duty, rigid machines have shown quality improvements and notable efficiencies after retiring an older "work horse" mill. Training is taking place with operators learning program codes to benefit full use of the sophisticated CNC duel head capabilities.

High Pressure Cold Spray-HpCS

Technology Update

HpCS R&D projects continue to grow at ASB Industries surpassing the past high level of interest in this newer coating technology. Al Kay and Dr. Karthikeyan attended an international user group in Munich, Germany bringing together the notable equipment manufacturers, gas and powder suppliers, spray shops and end users of the Cold Spray Process. The meeting taking place on January 10-11, 2008 echoed the successful format of the 1998 HVOF Colliquium which continues to be a successful conference in Erding, Germany every three years. ASB Industries joined GTS over seven years ago being the first North American member. 

Short Thermal Spray Stories in ASB’s Library of Practical Applications

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ASB Industries, Inc.

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